Top 25 Nursing Care Blogs worth a look

Top 25 Nursing Care Blogs worth a look

When it comes to the nursing field, there are a many great blog options full with resources, helpful info and entertaining perspectives for every type of nurse. That being said, there are a lot of nursing blog options out there—and that can make it hard to figure out where to start.

To help with that, we’ve compiled 25 quality nursing blogs with topics ranging from entertaining nursing stories and blogs specifically for nursing students, to blogs that offer the latest news in the nursing world. Bookmark this list so you can stay up to date on the latest in the nursing world.

Each of these nursing blogs offer something unique to the nursing community.


Nursing blogs for nursing students

Need a break from studying? These blogs are a fantastic read for any nursing student:

1. Fresh RN

Kati Kleber, RN, started Fresh RN as a means of helping new nursing graduates acclimate to the world of nursing. The site includes resources on graduate school, nurse specialties and clinicals for nursing students.

Why it’s worth your time: Easy to access podcasts. For each article, Kleber offers brief podcast episodes that overview her experiences with the topic—great for taking your reading on the go!

2. Nurse Nacole

Nacole Riccaboni, also known as Nurse Nacole, provides a wealth of information for nurses. The site is large, with helpful headings such as “Calculations”, “YouTube® Videos” and “NCLEX® Questions.”

Why it’s worth your time: The nursing tip of the day. To go along with the various resources listed above, Riccaboni also offers simple tips every day that are short, sweet and helpful for whatever phase of education you are in.

3. Straight A Nursing Student

A go-to site for nursing student resources, Straight A Nursing Student, contains an abundance of study aids, reference sheets and podcasts to help you learn the more complex nursing topics.

Why it’s worth your time: Boot camps. Is there a certain element of nursing that you are struggling with? Straight A Nursing may offer a boot camp to help you improve on what used to be a struggle.

4. On the Pulse

Johns Hopkins University’s nursing blog, On the Pulse, is another blog that is a great site for students whether or not you attend the university. With medical articles, testimonials and podcasts, On the Pulse is a one-stop blog for all things nursing.

Why it’s worth your time: Johns Hopkins University has an undoubtedly strong reputation in the medical field—making this a natural follow. Any blog that is connected to one of the top medical schools in the country is worth your time as the journal writes about the nation’s most immediate medical needs and concerns.

Nursing blogs for career advice

Trying to get established in your career? Or looking for a little advice on what your next career move should be as a nurse? You’ll want to check out these blogs:

5. DailyNurse®

DailyNurse is a blog that caters itself towards nurses who are currently looking to improve and grow in their careers. It contains sections dedicated to current trends in nursing, nursing certifications and job availability.

Why it’s worth your time: The job search function. DailyNurse features a job search function where employers can post jobs that are easily searchable on both the homepage and the blog page, giving you a quick and efficient tool to find nursing jobs in your area.

6. Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway

Nurse Keith dedicates his website to coaching current nurses with tips on furthering their profession and maintaining an enriched life. His commitment to helping nurses continue to pursue their passion without experiencing burnout has garnered him many awards in the blogosphere.

Why it’s worth your time: The personal touch. While his site may lack the polish of some of the others on this list, Keith Carlson is a gifted writer who artfully uses his personality, stories and humor to expound on the biggest issues in nursing.

7. Off the Charts

This is the American Journal of Nursing’s online publication. Its scientifically backed posts are educational, while at the same time accessible for all readers. Topics range from career advice, to new research, to pain management and more.

Why it’s worth your time: Data, data, data. Each of the articles that AJN posts really hones in on recent trends in healthcare and they cite where the information is coming from.

8. The Nursing Site

With over 35 years of experience, Kathy Quan truly has a lifetime of stories to tell. In The Nursing Site, she conveys nursing career advice in articulate, digestible posts that are helpful to nurses at any stage of their career.

Why it’s worth your time: Experience. Quan’s lifelong career in nursing adds up to a depth of perspective that will benefit nurses in any phase of their career.

9. Nurse Power!

The Nurse Power! blog by Donna Cardillo showcases her energy and passion for nursing to help nurses around the world maintain their motivation and love of their vocation.

Why it’s worth your time: Cardillo’s inspiring energy. With the long hours and demands on nurses, this kind of blog can be just what the doctor ordered for anyone who feels stagnant.

Nursing blogs for industry updates

These blogs are a must-read for anyone looking to keep a pulse on nursing trends and news:

10. Diversity Nursing Blog

Diversity Nursing Blog was established in 2017 to address the growing need for nurses and for these nurses to increasingly reflect the communities that they serve. With topical articles and the ability to post your resume, scholarships and awards, this is a great blog for nurses of all backgrounds to stay connected.

Why it’s worth your time: Job opportunities. Various healthcare institutions post their job openings to seek hires reflecting their commitment to diversity within the industry.

11. NurseBuff

NurseBuff is a “nursing humor and lifestyle blog” that offers articles, lists and career guides. The lists are extensive, covering everything from nursing apps to nursing life hacks and nursing skills. A great site for any nurse, you will be sure to find something of interest within the many pages of the site.

Why it’s worth your time: Humor. They do say that laughter is the greatest medicine. While the blog offers much more than just humor, posts like 40 Most Embarrassing Chart Bloopers” will lighten your day.

12. The Nerdy Nurse®

In this blog, Brittney Wilson, RN, writes about all things nursing, with a focus on health informatics and technology in healthcare. If you have an interest in how technology is integrated into and changing healthcare, then this blog will be of interest to you.

Why it’s worth your time: The Nerdy Nurse covers a lot of ground. This includes informative posts about key nursing issues, product recommendations and even helpful study tips for students.

13. Minding the Bedside

Experiencing nursing stress? Minding the Bedside is a meditation-focused blog for nurses. Jerome Stone, a registered nurse, writes on topics such as compassion fatigue, nurse burnout, pain management, stress and how meditation can help alleviate those problems.

Why it’s worth your time: The meditative practices. The title of the blog really says it all about this one. Jerome’s focus is much more helping nurses with their mental health and outlook, and this blog could be a salve for those feeling burned out.

Nursing blogs for specific specialties

Some nursing specialties offer a unique view into healthcare—these blogs do a great job of covering their respective areas of the profession:

14. Diary of a School Nurse

This blog is written solely by one school nurse. She fills her posts with advice, checklists and musings of working in a school. She also offers insight into what a school nurse does, as well as resources for anyone currently working as or interested in being a school nurse.

Why it’s worth your time: Singular focus for school nurses. If you are a school nurse or considering this as a possible vocation, this is the blog for you. The website’s creator Elisabeth (perhaps better known as simply “The School Nurse”) is a lifelong school nurse whose blog allows school nurses to connect and share stories, tricks and encouragement.

15. Correctional Nurse

Working as a nurse in a correctional facility certainly comes with unique and interesting challenges. In Correctional Nurse, Lorry Schoenly offers practical tips, personal stories and resources for nurses trying to find their way in this often-challenging setting.

Why it’s worth your time: Important perspective. Nurses who work in correctional facilities deal with unique problems that illuminate important aspects of nursing that are rarely seen.

16. Travel Nursing Blog

A must-read for any prospective or current travel nurse. This blog is filled to the brim with resources, advice and tools for all things related to travel nursing. A special feature is a job board that lists any travel nursing positions in a wide range of specialties—so whether you’re looking for a job in nursing administration or in wound care, this is a great place to begin.

Why it’s worth your time: More travel nurses are needed. In the time of a global pandemic, more nurses are needed in different parts of the world based on where a disease has taken hold.

17. Nursing Stories

One of the first gerontological nurse practitioners, Marianna Crane now keeps a blog detailing stories from her decades-long nursing career. Her posts are heart-felt, sincere and encouraging to any nurse.

Why it’s worth your time: Historical perspective. As one of the first gerontological nurses, Crane offers stories and a perspective that is near impossible to find.

Nursing blogs for entertainment

Nursing doesn’t always have to be deadly serious—and these blogs prove it:

18. EDNurseasauras

Run by a nurse of 41 years, EDNurseasauras chronicles the stories of working in the emergency room. Her posts are usually anecdotes but relay the humor and hardships of being a nurse in the ER.

Why it’s worth your time: Stories. We’ve all had days where we’ve gotten home and muttered to ourselves “Did that actually just happen?” It can be quite cathartic to read stories from healthcare professionals that remind you that you are not alone in that feeling.

19. Jparadisi RN’s Blog

Julianna Paradisi’s blog has the tagline “Where science, humanity and art converge.” It is hard to describe the blog any better than that. As a bonus connection, Paradisi is also an author and illustrator on the Off the Charts blog listed above.

Why it’s worth your time: The art. Unique to the list is a blog that combines art with all other things nursing.

20. GomerBlog

A satirical medical news website, GomerBlog can be likened to The Onion. The blog is written and maintained by healthcare professionals and covers specialties ranging from anesthesiology to respiratory therapy. A must-read for any nurse needing a good, if maybe cynical, laugh.

Why it’s worth your time: Humor for each specialty. Whatever your specialty is in the medical field, you’ll be able to find articles written just for you at GomerBlog.

21. Nurse Barb

Nurse Barb Dehn doesn’t waste any time in cutting straight to the point in her articles. They are practical and full of topics that are accessible not just to nurses but the layperson as well. Prospective students would do well to take note of the way she communicates to patients.

Why it’s worth your time: The daily dose. Dehn offers brief 1-minute videos on treating various maladies or answering common user questions.

Nursing blogs with established online communities

Want to bounce questions or share stories and advice with other nurses? These blogs feature robust online communities for you to participate in:

22. All Nurses®

All Nurses features a large community of nurses covering a wide variety of nursing topics and issues. This is an excellent resource for staying up to date on nursing topics and hearing personal stories from nurses in the field.

Why it’s worth your time: Breakroom clubs. Is there a certain topic you’d want to get feedback on from other nurses? All Nurses offers a moderated chat where you can immediately talk to nurses around the world.

23. Advances in Nursing Science Blog

The ANS Blog is all about having a melting pot of various nursing philosophies, research, theories and practices to be discussed and elaborated on within the community. The ANS journal is one of the most respected journals in the medical field and the blog is directly connected to it.

Why it’s worth your time: The journal and forum combo. Unique to ANS is how the blog posts often work as an extension to journal articles to allow the conversation to continue beyond the page.

24. Scrubs Magazine Online

Scrubs Magazine is an amazing resource for nurses. Their panel of experts offers advice for nurses at any stage of their career, from looking for schools to planning for retirement, and everything in between. Make sure to check them out if you are looking for a laugh or need some advice.

Why it’s worth your time: It has a little bit of everything! Not sure what you are in the mood for? Scrubs magazine online can be a great place to start as you’ll see a variety of articles there for the reading.

25. American Nurses Association Community

The ANA Community is part of the larger American Nurses Association website. It is a place where members of the ANA go to connect and share ideas, offer encouragement or even just vent with others that would understand.

Why it’s worth your time: The community. With very active forums, this can be a great place for nurses of all experience levels to go and simply connect with others in their field.


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